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The functions of Multimedia teaching machine all in one PC

The touch screen multimedia teaching all in one PC applies to various schools such as Universities, middle schools, primary schools. Unanimously approved by the schools and students at the same time. Installed the touch screen multimedia teaching all in one PC in the classrooms of Primary schools, kindergartens, universities. Learning as there is no area-limited with its network. The students and other school students can learn from each other remotely. Lead your students into the "era of network multimedia" ahead of time. Then what functions does the touch screen multimedia teaching all in one PC have ?


1. TV function

The screen supports full HD resolution and 32-bit true color full HD display.

2. Computer function

You can surf The Internet by wifi, you can also use the wireless keyboard and mouse operation.

3. Touch screen function

  When we touch it, no delay, fast speed response. There are many ways to touch, such as a finger,a touch pen, a gloved hand, and so on. Application of these programs can easily handwritten text, painting, filling and other functions, Use smooth, stable and reliable.

4. Karaoke function

KTV Jukebox function, choosing and singing,  convenient entertainment.

5.Video Games Machine function

Playing as a Video Games Machine. Controlling the WOW with finger touch instead of mouse. Such as racing, shooting, Landlords, World of Warcraft and other games.

6. Conference function

Conference lectures, planning programs, remote video tutorials, training speech.

7. Environmental function

Can be easily written, drawn at will, No need to wiping and environmental protection. With your fingers or touch pen to write, delete, storage at will and recording functions.

8. Projector function

Replacing the projector with a large screen, large-screen display, and the image clearer.

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