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What are the compositions of the cash register

1.The cash register is made up of cashier desk, scanner, host computers, saving box, keyboard, printer, customer display, computer display, POS.

2.Function: Placing the goods. Scanning the goods and PC system. Placing operating funds and reserves. Inputting barcode by hand and other operations. Printing computer receipts. It is convenient for the customers to see the prices of goods that they have purchased. The cashiers check the products information and the information displayed in the computer. Check if they are correct.

3.The switching procedures of cash register.

 (1)Starting up program : Power supply (URS power supply) →Host computer→display screen→printer.

 (2)Power off program: log off→printer→display screen→host computer→power supply.

4.Keyboard function:

 (1) Deleting the products

 Can delete the products when theres input error or customers give up their purchases.But all the products with same barcode will be deleted. So you have to input correct quantities.

 (2) Canceling the deal

 Can cancel all of the current deals which have been input in the computer.

 (3) Reprint

 Fail to print out the computer receipts since theres something wrong with the printer.So need to print again. Can only print current deals. And need to be authorized to print by the foreman.

 (4) Changing the password

 Every cashiers will receive a original password gave by computer.

 (5) Canceling receipt.

Canceling the operations which of parts has been made payment. Choose Yesor Noto confirm.

 (6) YesOR No

Choose when it appears dialog. Such as stored value card spending, cancel payment and so on.

 (7) Setting the numbers.

“×”. Multiplication sign. Same product with lots of numbers. Use numbers × product barcode.

 (8) Exitkey

Use it when power off computer. After log out. Need to press Exitto power off computer.

 (9) Backspace

When you input incorrect information(Numbers, bar codes, amount, quantity). need to be cleared one by one. Use Backspacekey.

 (10) Card inquiring.

Xinyijia stored value card. Appearing menu. Swiping card. Appearing amounts in the card.

 (11) Locked

 When leave the cashier desk and back to use it. (Except for the user. No one can log in). it can protect.

 (12) Function menu

 This key contains a pull down menu. There are open cashbox. log out. Products refund. Prices Changing.

 (13) Charging account

 A.The purchased goods are already saved in the computer. Before haven't been paid. it  needs to return to the sales field and be chosen again ( when prices are incorrect. need to check. when the goods are not marked prices. need to purchase again. )

 B.The goods that customers give up purchasing. ( there are a lot of reasons. like customers don't have money. there's some wrong with their bank card ).

 C.The cashier make some mistakes on operation. need to save the goods in the computer. ( Special Attention: the goods are still staying on the account. keeping them under the cashier desk).

 D.Press again " resting order". pick up the goods stayed in the account and settle payment.

 (14)The return of goods

 A.After the customers already settled  the payment. handling the returned goods or the goods that the customers purchase correctly but reject it due to the incorrect operation. ( inputting more. counting more. incorrect quantities. ).(Need to have customers present, the damage-prevention supervision is necessary ). Changing the order.

 B.Operating procedure

 Function menu key. returning goods at front desk. authorization. ( pass word). responding goods barcode or quantities. checking the goods product name."Return" is limited to the goods that purchased at that time and without any quality problem. The goods with quality problems are to be handled by the service center."

 (15)Receipt of payment

 When input the goods in the computer. need to be paid in cash. press " make collections" key. then input the amount paid by customer. if denominations are 10、20、50、100. press the hotkey.


 It is used in the option Function menu key.

 (17)“enter ”=check key 

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