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The features of the multimedia teaching all-in-one

The multimedia teaching touch all-in-one have fashionable appearance. Easy to operate. Strong functions. Easy to install. High efficiency. Adaptable and so on. It makes Human Interaction come true. It is also popular in education sector.


The conformability of the multimedia teaching all-in-one

Integration design. Multimedia teaching all-in-one is highly integrated with the multimedia devices like a electronic whiteboard, projector, audio, computers, video player, television, wireless headset . No integrated wiring, no space.

The economy of Multimedia teaching all-in-one

Need only one device. It can meet the all of requirements for modern Multimedia teaching. These devices have higher economy in terms of the costs of production. It is a modern Multimedia teaching all-in-one which is affordable for all of schools.

The interactivity of Multimedia teaching all-in-one

The touch device creates a new type of interactive teaching demonstration environment, enabling teacher-student interaction and human-computer interaction.

The practicability of Multimedia teaching all-in-one

The Multimedia teaching all-in-one has the resource sharing. it solves the problem of low utilization.And the devices are shortage. Can provide electronic lesson preparation, multimedia teaching, books and screen to explain, text input, handwriting recognition, audio and video courseware, TV teaching and so on. providing a variety of counseling tools.

The convenience of Multimedia teaching all-in-one

One button to power on and power off. Available to use once powering on. That is. A button at the same time  starts the information processing unit, interactive display unit, control unit, speaker unit and so on, easy to operate, easy to use and easy to learn.

The security of the Multimedia teaching all-in-one

The built-in power supply with integrated structure , a power input can supply electricity for all functional units of the all-in-one, Anti-radiation. Anti-electric shock. Anti-creeping. to make sure the using safety.


The Multimedia teaching all-in-one is based on the concept of "designed for touch," with the proven GreenTouch’s professionalism and reliability. The small, compact design of the enclosure completely seals the touchscreen to provide dust, stain and splash protection and makes it easier for customers to install the machine in a rack cabinet. Designed and built by GreenTouch, this model has a long life cycle and can supply long-term needs.

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