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Daily maintenance for touch screen all in one PC

The use of touch all in one PC is more and more extensive. It gradually integrated into people 's lives. To be part of our lives. is a kind of electronic product that widely used for carrying on  business and information query. then what are common sense of using the touch all in one PC?


The maintain for the display screen of touch all in one PC

he lcd monitor of touch all in one PC is delicate. So in order to avoid burning out the inside of the screen. we should try to avoid displaying a same picture for a long time when using. when we don't use it , be sure to turn off the monitor. ( The " switch " button is in the lower right corner)


The maintain for the holder of touch all in one PC

Do not add any additional heavy stuff on the holder of the all-in-one PC. As the holder was specially designed for only bearing the weight of all in one PC . Don 't slam and shake the screen. In order to avoid damage, short circuit, or panel deformation.


The maintain for the screen of touch all in one PC

When there is dust on the all-in-one screen, the correct cleaning method should be to gently wipe with deerskin or high grade glasses cloth.  Removing the dust, for fingerprints and oil stains on the LCD screen, should use liquid crystal electronic whiteboard screen special detergent to clean, also should pay attention to when using detergent, wipe out from the center of the screen, until the detergent on the screen have been wiped clean.未标题-1.jpgThe maintain for environmental conditions of using touch all in one PC

Avoid using the all in one PC in the presence of excessive dust, humidity or high temperature, strong light and other harsh environment. should avoid closing to or contact with high heat source. avoid damage caused.



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