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8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Technology
Except for adding one more line to each bus,Eight-wire touch screen and four-wire touch screen, the realization method is the same。For VREF bus,Using a wire to connect VREF,The another one wire serves as the positive reference input for the DAC of the SAR ADC. For a 0V bus, one wire is used to connect 0V and the another one wire is used as the negative reference input for the SAR ADC's digital-to-analog converter.  Among the four wires on the unbiased layer,Any one can be used to measure the voltage divider.

8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Application
Suitable for GPS, medical, Light industrial ,Pos,Portable sport devices,Car navigation ,Access control terminals, Portable medical devices, LCD and LED touch monitors,All-In-One ,Home appliances and other fields.

8 Wire Resistive Touch Screen Advantages
Resistive touch screen,high accuracy,the maximum resolution can be used up to 4096x4096. The screen is unaffected by dust, water vapor and oil, and can be used in low or high temperature environments. you can touch with any object, even with gloved hand, and can be used for handwriting recognition. mature technology and low production cost

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