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IR touch frame Technology

    Infrared touch screen is to use a dense matrix of infra-red x, y directions to detect and locate the user's touch. Infrared touch screen installed in front of the monitor box outside a circuit board, circuit board arranged on four sides of the screen infrared led and an infrared receiver and corresponding anyway cross the infrared matrix.

    When users touch the screen, fingers will be blocked anyway after the location for both infrared and therefore can judge the position of the touch points on the screen .it can detect essentially any input including a finger, gloved finger, stylus or pen.

IR touch frame advantages

Calibration stability - no touch point drift,High clarity and light transmission,Touch can be activated by anything including finger, gloved hand, or stylus,dust-proof, explosion-proof, scratchCompatible with many operating systems,intelligent switching among winXP、win7、linux、mac、android.

IR touch frame applications
Suitable for POS,information kiosks,Vending and ticket sales,Ticket machine,Virtual Mirror,Interactive signage,Electronic catalogs,Education,Banking/financial transactions,Industrial control rooms,Multimedia marketing, touch monitors,Aii-In-One,etc.

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