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Do You Know Something About Multi-touch Screen Production ?


Multi-Touch Screen, using two or more points of different medium to touch the screen surface, can be perfect for a variety of multi-touch applications such as image zoom, rotation. At the same time, it has all the functions and advantages of the traditional single-point Infrared Touch Screen. So how do you make a multi-touch screen?

multi-touch screen is a panel for intelligent electronic devices to directly communicate and connect with our users. It is the input end of our operation of smart devices, and it is also the core component of the entire smart device. The multi-touch screen looks like a transparent material panel and an integrated processing panel. In fact, the technology in this small multi-touch screen is not small, it is not as simple as we seem.

Technical difficulties of multi-touch screen

1, the detection time of the touch screen, the rapid development of infrared technology, so that infrared detection technology can achieve a response speed of 15ms or less, but consumers are still not satisfied with this speed, consumers want to detect less time, touch screen touch more Smooth.

2, the influence of ambient light, the infrared receiving tube is the working position with the largest illuminance and the minimum sensitivity, but the touch screen product room is not allowed to limit the scope of use, because most of the objects of the touch screen application are ordinary consumers, they have It is possible to apply infrared multi-touch screens everywhere, such as cinemas that are not visible to the fingers, beaches that are in the air, and as consumer products, it must adapt to these environments, so this requires infrared detection technology to be more suitable for touch screen applications. stability.

3. Infrared detection technology In the application of infrared multi-touch screen, the infrared emission receiving tube has a range of angles of transmission and reception, so the touched finger often blocks the signal between the tubes.

Multi-touch screen production

The production of multi-touch screen is mainly divided into several steps. The first step is to have a multi-touch control panel, that is, the information receiving and processor of the multi-touch screen. The control panel is composed of two layers of sensing units, which are optically interposed. Glue connection. The LCD display is the display we see for the smart device operating system. It is mounted on the lower layer of the control panel. The connection between the two is either optical glue or direct air layer. Then on the upper layer of the control panel is the mask layer that protects the control panel, which is also connected by optical glue. The outermost part is the overlay and surface shield of the multi-touch screen. This series of levels of units constitutes a complete multi-touch screen.

The cover material of the multi-touch screen is divided into two types, one is plastic. Since our fingers are easy to scratch the surface of the plastic, I still need to cover the plastic coating with a hard wear-resistant layer. The surface shield protects the cover from damage. The other cover layer is made of glass. The cover layer of this material may not need to be covered with a surface shield, but the glass used to make the cover layer must be chemically strengthened or quenched to increase the The strength and wear resistance of the glass. At the same time, both the surface shield and the cover layer need to be optically matched to prevent excessive light loss from the multi-touch screen.

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